A local business is looking for the missing arms of its decorative skeleton after thieves stole them from their roof.

Fake Skeleton Bones Resting Far From Home, Public Reward

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (WJHL) – Staff at Jones Chiropractic Clinic know the choice to mount a 12-foot-tall skeleton on its roof wasn’t exactly normal, but they were happy to see it all the same. . Now they hope the prop affectionately known as Mr. Skelly will be revived again.

Mr. Skelly was a new addition to the clinic this year. (Photo/WJHL)

“Monday morning I knew it was already gone,” said Wayde Stuwe, chiropractic therapy assistant for the clinic. “So driving up to the building and noticing the arms were gone was just sad, to be honest.”

Early on Sunday morning, two people reportedly scaled the roof of the business and ripped off Mr Skelly’s arms. What they may not have realized, however, is that a surveillance system was filming them.

Photo: Jones Chiropractic Clinic

The duo were seen entering the company’s parking lot around 1 a.m., then recorded running away carrying the skeleton’s arms shortly after. Another angle caught a suspect slipping on a table during their getaway.

“We filmed the vehicle, everything except the license plate and exact facial details,” Stuwe said. “But other than that, we filmed the two suspects in addition to carrying two of the weapons, so two heavily armed suspects.”

It was also not easy to obtain the skeleton, according to company staff. Finding a 12-foot skeleton is no small feat, and the cost was around $1,000 for the whole thing. It took a few hours to assemble and mount it on the roof. On Wednesday, he was seen swaying in the wind with casings exposed.

The rotating arms were an easy target for thieves, clinic staff said. (Photo/WJHL)
Photo: Jones Chiropractic Clinic

“I just want to know why they stole the guns,” Stuwe said. “I was a punk kid once, I know what it’s like to vandalize and do stupid things like that, but I don’t understand the whole theft part. Maybe put them in a funny position , or return them or whatever. That would be my only question.

In the meantime, the Johnson City Police Department has been alerted to the theft and the business owners say a detective has been assigned to the case. Since the public has already passed the skeleton on trips and visits to the clinic, the business owners have decided to offer a reward for any information that helps bring the wayward bones back.

“Just be on the lookout, we’re looking for a white Prius,” Stuwe said. “If you see giant skeleton arms, you can let us know.”

Anyone with information about Mr. Skelly’s missing arms can call investigators at 423-434-6158 or the Jones Chiropractic Clinic at 423-929-3700.

Martin E. Berry