Brother refused bail due to theft risk issue

The judge thinks the brother is not only a flight risk, but also a danger to the community.

Rapper Archie Eversole’s brother has been denied bail and remains being held behind bars for the anthem artist’s shooting death.

According to Fox 5, Superior Court Judge LaTisha Dear Jackson has denied bail for Alexander Krause, who is accused of shooting and killing his superstar brother. Judge Jackson said he would not just be a flight risk, but a danger to the community as a whole.

She said: “I will deny bail to the defendant based on a couple of things, he is likely to flee jurisdiction and he is a danger to the community.”

As reports, Archie Eversole was a successful rap artist whose 2002 single “We Ready” with Bubba Sparxx became a sports anthem. An early report said the shooting happened on Golf Vista Circle at a Chevron gas station on Snapfinger Woods Drive.

However, Archie Eversole was murdered on March 25 at his brother’s townhouse on Holf Vista Circle. The story is now radically different from that previously reported.

Prosecutor Tauri Thomas alleges Krause shot his brother in the jaw with a .357 pistol while he slept.


“In the victim’s room, you could tell there had been a forced entry,” Thomas said. “The lock on the victim’s bedroom door was damaged along with part of the door. You could just tell there had been a struggle.

It is further submitted by the DeKalb District Attorney’s Office that both brothers had a history of violence, which resulted in Eversole having an open case of assault and disorderly conduct for a prior assault on Krause.

Archie Eversole’s manager John Williams says the DA got it all wrong and that Krause and his artist had made peace in their relationship,

“The things that were said in [the] story of Alex and Archie, there was repair. In fact, I have witnesses who were there and saw the fines. They had a complete understanding.

Williams says the shooting was an accident and that information will come out soon.

Martin E. Berry