Central Selection Committee to review over 600 promotions – Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: The Central Selection Board (CSB) will likely meet ahead of Eidul Azha to consider the promotion of more than 600 bureaucrats to grades BS-19 to BS-21.

Establishment Division sources said the date for the CSB meeting could be finalized next week. The council will consider 250 bureaucrats from BS-18 to BS-20 from the Pakistan Administrative Service (PAS), Pakistan Police Service (PSP) and Secretariat Group. Approximately 400 officers from other occupations will also be considered for promotion.

An official said Dawn that the Personnel Division Career Planning Section has shared details of all officers being considered for promotion with Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and the Intelligence Bureau (IB), as is the practice.

It should be recalled that Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif had recently designated the ISI as the official promotion verification agency for civil officers.

Three BS-22 bureaucrats given new positions

The practice had been in place for about two decades, but the current government gave it legal cover by issuing an official notification to that effect.

In the past, officers whose promotions were denied based on unfavorable reports from intelligence agencies have gone to court for redress.

In 2015, the superior courts had – noting that the intelligence reports had no legal value – ordered the government to promote 20 officers who had been promoted by the CSB, but whose promotions had been withheld by the Prime Minister of the time based on agency reports.

Similarly, in 2017, the promotion of more than 90 officers was suspended due to backlash from intelligence agencies.

Meanwhile, the personnel division on Wednesday released transfer and reassignment orders for three federal secretaries.

According to the notifications, Zulfiqar Haider, a BS-22 Pakistan Administrative Service (PAS) officer working as Special Secretary in the Petroleum Division, has been transferred as Secretary, Overseas Pakistanis and Community Development Division. human ressources. As Special Secretary, he did not enjoy the authority of Federal Secretary while in his new assignment, he will be in charge of the Overseas Pakistanis Ministry.

His predecessor Ishrat Ali, a BS-22 PAS officer, was assigned to report to the establishment division. He was appointed Secretary of the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis by the previous regime.

Another PAS BS-22 officer, Zafar Hasan, who worked as Secretary, National Heritage and Culture Division, was assigned to the Ministry’s National Food Security and Research Division.

Posted in Dawn, June 16, 2022

Martin E. Berry