Colin Cowherd Wins Hot Takes Arms Race By Saying Belichick Is Ready To Leave Mac Jones

In Tolkien’s lore, there was only one force in Middle-earth with the power to destroy the One Ring. And that was by throwing the Ring into the fire from which it had been forged, the cauldron of hot magma boiling inside Mount Doom. But that’s only because Professor Tolkien never knew Colin Cowherd. Because no single ring of power could withstand the intensity of this molten lava hold.

So let me see if I can follow the logic here. Bill Belichick is about to turn 70. I am with you until now. He wants to win the Super Bowl. Well received. Josh Allen presents a problem. Okay. Mac Jones didn’t have a bad game on Saturday. I always follow you. Quarterbacks with Allen’s skills are the ones who win today’s NFL championships. I don’t agree, but I’ll allow it for the sake of discussion. Jones is young and has three years left on an affordable rookie contract. Very true. This makes it valuable. Keep on going. So it makes sense to trade Jones now.

Do you forgive?

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I appreciate the pressure to spew outrageous, thoughtless, illogical nonsense in order to cut through the noise in the echo chamber of basic cable. But it’s so wrong on so many levels that it’s incomprehensible. It’s a masterpiece of stupidity. Like a modern piece of art that you can hang upside down or on its side and look at it from any angle and it still doesn’t make sense because the artist wasn’t trying to figure it out. Just a reaction. And he got it.

Despite everything Cowherd correctly says about the last two games against the Bills, this season has been a success. Because they went 10-7 and made the playoffs. But more specifically, because they found a 23-year-old quarterback who got them there. If they were below .500 but Jones was the exact same player, the season would still have been a win in the grand scheme of things. Similarly, if they went 10-7 with, say, Cam Newton playing exactly like 2020 Cam Newton, there would be little to no hope for the future. As things stand, we have the best of both worlds.

Also, look around the league and tell me what it’s worth to a franchise to hit a rookie quarterback like the Patriots. The Jaguars had to be the worst team in football to get their generational QB. And they’re back to where they were last year. The Jets were right behind them, and are close to them again.

The Niners went through their next two rounds to get Trey Lance and his 41 completions. And head to Green Bay for the divisional round with him on the bench. The Patriots spent nothing to get a guy who is objectively, right now, better than any of them or Justin Fields. They not only have the 21st pick to add to the defense that continues to be gutted by Allen or someone Jones can throw at. And the favorable cap situation his rookie contract provides to improve the roster even further.

So with all of that in mind, a guy who gets paid to understand the NFL landscape thinks the smart move is to… start over? Declare Jones’ experiment a failure? Trying to beat Allen with who exactly? Jimmy Garoppolo at $25 million a year? Someone younger who has already fallen out of favor with the team that drafted him like Baker Mayfield or Tua Tagovailoa? Draft someone else, God forbid?

Thanks for the laughs. It was great fun. I haven’t enjoyed a “They should trade him now because his value will never be higher” conversation so much since 2002, when the Boston media was still lousy with Drew Bledsoe loyalists who thought Tom Brady had lucky and was a too limited athlete. be Belichick’s long-term solution. I have not forgotten them. And when Jones is on his third contract with the Patriots and an 80-year-old Belichick is still happy to win with him, I won’t forget that hot catch either.

Martin E. Berry