COVID-19: Peterborough Risk Index Drops to ‘High’; active cases over 300 again – Peterborough

Peterborough Public Health has lowered the community risk index for COVID-19 at “high risk” on Wednesday after three weeks at “very high risk” while reporting 117 new cases in the past 48 hours.

The risk index – updated every Wednesday – uses a number of factors such as the rate of cases, hospitalizations, deaths, PCR test positivity, rapid antigen test positivity and sewage monitoring in jurisdiction of Peterborough Health Unit, Peterborough County, Curve Lake First Nation and Hiawatha First Nation.

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“While I hope we see transmission slowing down, we are still seeing high transmission and precautions continue to be essential,” the medical officer said. Dr Thomas Piggott said in a tweet.

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Community Risk Index as of May 4, 2022.

Peterborough Public Health Department

The health office is updated COVID-19 Tracking Site reported the following data late Wednesday afternoon.

New cases confirmed by PCR: 117 since Monday, May 3.

Laboratory-confirmed deaths: 71 – unchanged since Friday April 29. On March 11, the health unit removed three deaths reported early in the pandemic from its database due to a change in provincial reporting methodology.

Active cases confirmed in the laboratory by PCR: 315 – compared to 240 reported on Monday May 3. The province and health unit note that the number of reported active cases is an “underestimate” due to changes to the availability of PCR testing beginning Dec. 31, 2021.

Cumulative laboratory confirmed cases: 7,170 since the start of the pandemic.

Hospitalized cases: Peterborough Regional Health Center as of Wednesday afternoon reported 25 hospitalized patients – a week ago, April 28, 34 were reported. There was a record 40 hospitalized patients reported on April 22.

The health unit reports 315 cumulative cases of hospitalization since the start of the pandemic, four more since the May 2 update. There have been 41 cases in an intensive care unit since the declaration of the pandemic, unchanged since April 22.

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The hospital reports one patient transfer related to provincial guidelines so far in 2022.

Cases resolved: 42 additional resolved cases since May 2. The 6,784 cumulative resolved cases represent approximately 94.6% of all laboratory-confirmed cases since the declaration of the pandemic.

The health unit only reports “high risk” outbreaks.

Outbreaks recently declared more than:

  • The C3 hospitalization unit of the PRHC: Declared on April 14 with eight cases as of April 21. Declared finished on May 4.
  • Rubidge Retirement Residence in Peterborough: Declared on April 6 and declared resolved on May 3.
  • Chartwell Jackson Creek Retirement Residence in Peterborough: Declared on April 19 and declared resolved on May 2.
  • St. John Center retirement home in Peterborough: declared on April 12 and declared resolved on May 2.
  • Ease of collective living (no. 38) in Peterborough: declared on April 22 and declared resolved on April 28.

Active outbreaks:

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  • PRHC hospitalization room B5: Declared on May 2.
  • Peterborough Retirement Residence at Peterborough: Declared May 2.
  • fairhaven long-term care in Peterborough: Declared on April 30 in the Westview 5 resident reception area. The house pays cases among nine residents and two staff members.
  • Applewood Mansion Peterborough Retirement Residence: Declared April 27.
  • Ease of collective living (no. 39) at Peterborough: Declared April 27th.
  • Centenary Square long-term care in Millbrook (Trail House and Heritage House – two separate outbreaks): declared on April 26.
  • Extendicare Peterborough long-term care in Peterborough: Reported April 26.
  • Pleasant Prairie Mansion Norwood long-term care home: Reported April 25.
  • PRHC C1 hospitalization unit: Reported April 22. The hospital reported two patient cases on April 22.
  • PRHC A4 hospitalization unit: Reported April 21. The hospital reported four confirmed patient cases on April 21.
  • Centenary Square long-term care at Millbrook (Harvest House): declared on April 11. On April 22, the home reported two cases among Harvest House home area residents and casual staff have tested positive.
  • Kawartha Heights Retirement Home at Peterborough: Declared April 1st.

The health unit reports 1,160 cumulative cases associated with 144 outbreaks since the declaration of the pandemic.

According to the COVID-19 tracker, as of Wednesday, 334,936 doses have been administered since Jan. 26, 2021. The health unit notes that doses administered in the Peterborough area to people who do not live in its jurisdiction are counted.

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  • Adults (18 years and over): 90 percent have a dose; 88% have two doses and 63% have three doses.
  • The elderly (70 years and over): 100% receive two doses; 91% have three doses.
  • Youth (5 to 11 years old): 56% have one dose and 42% have two doses.
  • Youth (12 to 17 years old): 83% have one dose, 81% have two doses and 19% have three doses
  • Dosage: 123,735 residents received a first dose while 119,668 residents received two doses and 79,383 residents received a third dose.

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