Credit Redemption – Credit Consolidation

Reduce monthly payments by up to 60% with the purchase of credits 1

The repurchase of credit as it is often called or regrouping of credits is a banking operation which consists in grouping several loans in one, causing a readjustment of the conditions of repayment, that is to say that the borrower disposes after financing of a single rate, a rescheduled repayment term and a reduced monthly payment. It is possible to group different loans, ie real estate loans (home loan, loan relay …) and consumer credit (personal loan, revolving credit, car loan, etc …) . It is also possible to add a possible bank overdraft and a new project to finance (find out more). This banking operation is aimed at all types of borrowers, whether they are owners, tenants, housed or even in official housing, the same goes for the profession, whether the borrower is an employee of the private sector or the public. , professional (craftsman, liberal profession) or civil servant.

Two credit repurchase operations are possible: the repurchase of real estate credit and the repurchase of consumer credit. It is the share of real estate loans to be taken over which determines the type of loan consolidation, if the share is greater than 60% of the total credits to be taken over, then it will be a repurchase of real estate loan. If this share is lower, then it will be a buyback of consumer loans. In the context of the presence of real estate, a mortgage guarantee can be put in place (passage to the notary).

For the consolidation of their consumer loans, they obtained unsecured financing of € 22,416 over 60 months. Fixed APR of 6.90% (fixed debit rate of 3.70%), monthly payment of € 409.80 excluding optional insurance, total amount due by the borrower € 26,157.12 including € 1,569.12 in administrative fees and mandate. Monthly amount of optional insurance 54.95 (Effective annual insurance rate of 5.54%) and total cost of insurance € 1,569.12.



This banking operation offers households the opportunity to readjust the repayment of their monthly payments, ie to reschedule the repayment term, to negotiate a single rate and thus to reduce the amount of the monthly payment, which also becomes unique. By pooling its loans, a borrower has the opportunity to take back his finances, simplify the management of his loans and especially to reduce his credit terms, which can sometimes weigh on the budget of a family or a household. With a lighter monthly payment, a borrower confronts more serenely the financial contingencies of everyday life.

2. Can we redeem all types of credits?

The strength of the credit buy-out lies in its ability to adapt to the borrower’s situation, ie it is possible to buy back mortgages, consumer loans (auto, works, personal, renewable), to include debts (delay of rent, tax, others …) but also to include an amount allocated to a new project. It is a tailor-made solution and the borrower has a say when setting up the financing, the ideal being to propose a bespoke takeover offer taking into account the needs of the applicant and allowing him to find the balance.

3. Who is the credit redemption for?

3. Who is the credit redemption for?

This financing is intended for any borrower having loans in repayment and wishing to reduce his monthly payments or even increase them, according to the needs of each. Whether the borrower is the owner, tenant or lodger, there is no distinction on his personal situation. The same goes for the profession, whether the borrower is an employee of the private sector, a civil servant, a craftsman, a liberal profession or even a manager, everyone can obtain the consolidation of his various credits.

How is the redemption of credits?


As a first step, it is essential to establish a simulation of online or telephone repurchase of credit, in which you will communicate information related to all your current loans. This first approach will contribute to give first answers to your financial situation. A first response will be provided by a counselor who will personally take care of the funding file, from beginning to end. The correlation of your personal situation and the eligibility conditions of all our banking partners allows analysts Richard Feverel to offer you several financing offers. All the possibilities will be discussed with you in order to respond in a completely personalized way to your request, taking into account your repayment capacities, the desired monthly payments and the total duration of the single loan. The loan offer summarizes all the terms of the loan consolidation / financing transaction and Richard Feverel is responsible for sending the application to all its financial partners to assess your eligibility. In the case of a positive answer, you benefit from a period of reflection and retraction in order to study in detail your new contract and check if the operation meets all your expectations. After signing the new contract, you end up with a single loan and a reduced monthly payment. Your monthly budget will be adapted to your expenses allowing to find the balance in your finances. Our schedules

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