Delnaaz Irani: I welcome comments with open arms

Actress Delnaaz Irani has some tips for aspiring actors who come to Mumbai with the dream of making it big in the industry. The actress says it’s essential for them to have the “keeda to act” as it is something that should come naturally to them.

Delnaaz Irani

“I believe that acceptance is a lesson young people should learn before coming to Mumbai to pursue their goals. Before taking any action, they should assess their readiness. You cannot learn to act. Either you are born with it or you are not. So definitely come here to hone your abilities if you have the keeda. Just attending a workshop will not help. Discouragement and depression sets in when you don’t have the junoon. Give yourself time second. If you want to be here, keep doing the work that takes perseverance and patience. You need to know if you’re really talented. Everyone think he can be a hero or a heroine, but you have to know yourself first. Third, learning on the job. I started behind the scenes and acted as an understudy initially. Join a troupe theater, learn the basics of acting and continue ez to grow,” she says.

Meanwhile, the actress also adds that comments are a very important part of show business and should be taken with an open mind.

“Feedback is very important, and I’m a positive performer who welcomes it with open arms. Positive criticism is something I really appreciate. I even consider Percy’s feedback and listen to it. I would like to improve if someone tells me. I remember when we were doing an emotional scene with the Paintal gentleman who plays my older brother on the show, I actually asked him, ‘What should I have done and do not do ?’ and he said I was excellent. Everything you do has to come from the heart, that’s the only lesson I learned from Monsieur. You should feel your part,” she said.

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