Experts warn of ‘serious and imminent’ risk of genocide in Ukraine – live

There is enough evidence to conclude that Russia is inciting genocide in Ukraine and committing atrocities intended to destroy the Ukrainian people, according to the first independent report into allegations of genocide committed by Russian troops in Ukraine.

More than 30 prominent jurists and genocide experts signed the report accusing the Russian state of violating several articles of the UN Genocide Convention, CNN reports.

The report warns that there is a serious and imminent risk of genocide in Ukraine, accompanied by a long list of evidence including examples of civilian massacres, forced deportations and dehumanizing anti-Ukrainian rhetoric used by senior Russian officials.

He directly accuses senior Russian officials of orchestrating incitement to genocide and laying the groundwork for future genocide by repeatedly denying the existence of a Ukrainian identity.

As examples, the report cites the dehumanizing language used by Russian officials to describe Ukrainians, including words such as “bestial”, “subordinate” and “dirt”, or statements by Vladimir Putin that the Ukraine has no right to exist as an independent state. State.

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A Ukrainian woman with her hands tied takes part in a silent protest against the massacre of Ukrainian civilians by the Russian military in Krakow, Poland. Photography: Omar Marques/Getty Images

Azeem Ibrahim, director of the US think tank New Lines Institute for Strategy and Policy, which authored the report, said:

What we have seen so far is that this war is genocidal in nature, in terms of the language used and the way it is executed. It’s very, very clear.

Experts also accused Russian forces of committing “a pattern of constant and widespread atrocities against Ukrainian civilians collectively” during the invasion.

He said well-documented massacres and summary executions in Bucha, Staryi Bykiv and Sumy and Chernihiv regions, Russia’s deliberate attacks on shelters, escape routes and health facilities, as well as the indiscriminate targeting and bombing of residential areas, rapes, sieges, grain thefts and forced deportations to Russia all amount to a “genocidal pattern of destruction”.

The report calls on the international community to act, warning that there is “no time at all”. Ibrahim said:

Every country that is a signatory to the Genocide Convention, and that’s 151 countries including the Russian Federation, every country has to do everything they can to put an end to this, or else they’ll be in violation of the convention as well.

Martin E. Berry