Facing the Great Alaska Migration with my Savage Arms Impulse Big Game

Facing the Great Alaska Migration with my Savage Arms Impulse Big Game

In this review we will be returning to Alaska to test one of my favorite rifles, the Savage Arms Impulse Big Game.

The Alaskan tundra can be both an amazing and terrifying place, with the weather changing in minutes. In just a few hours, we went from sunbathing and seeing hundreds of caribou to managing multiple brown bears within 500 yards of our camp while trying to plan for the shrinking weather windows for extraction. It’s all part of another great Alaskan adventure and looking back, given how well it all went, I wouldn’t change a thing. Alaska to me is a lot like Africa, every time I leave I’m already thinking of a way back before I’m even home and unpacked.

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On this trip, I was using a relatively new gun on the market, but one that I’ve come to know as my old one has proven itself. One of my new favorites, the Savage Impulse Big Game chambered in .300 Win Mag. I’ve taken quite a few remarkable animals with this rifle, but this would be its first use on the tundra. As usual, he didn’t let me down. I’ve become a proficient long-range shooter over the past few years, which I think is down to hard work and practice. When in reality it’s probably only a fraction of that and more the result of high end, high end gear thanks to companies like Savage continuing to innovate and deliver great products year after year after year. I get to get a little sneak peek into their new product pipeline and I’m very excited for what’s to come in the very near future and can’t wait to put it in the field!

For those of you unfamiliar with the Savage Impulse… shame on you….. but seriously, you need to head over to https://www.savagearms.com/impulse and start your research. The Impulse is a straight action rifle and can now be purchased in many variations. Originally, Savage was launched with 3 different models: the Big Game, the Hog Hunter and the Predator. New to the lineup is the Elite Precision for those who want to use it in a more traditional lineup or in a competition type setting.

Savage offers 13 different patented innovations spread throughout this modern marvel. There is a fairly large market for straight pull rifles in Europe, especially with all the beat type hunting they do for various species. Until now, you’ve never really heard of it in the United States. I can tell you firsthand that I can attribute some of my latest successes directly to the Straight Action feature. A couple that stand out for me is the ability to adjust the angle of the bolt handle to the most comfortable position for you and the ease of tracking and quick return to target if you need to take a hit. feedback. I never realized how much I tilted and turned my body with the bolts when using traditional shotguns. It was really difficult to keep your sight picture, see the impact and potentially follow up immediately if needed, I no longer have these issues with the Impulse.

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On top of all that, when you mix the straight pull action with the Accufit system, the Accutrigger, and the wide variety of models and calibers, you’re essentially getting into a custom shotgun at factory prices. Like I said, I’ve used this rifle a ton since it came out and will continue to do so in the future. Hope you enjoy our latest caribou-hunting adventure in the Southern Brooks Range in the latest episode of ALL IN coming soon.

Or you can go directly to the Savage websites at https://www.savagearms.com/impulse and check out the different models. I can tell you that Savage is not done innovating and building on this new technology and I am excited to share what the future holds for the brand as some of their new products start to prove themselves. later this fall and through 2023. Stay tuned, you won’t be disappointed.

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