Government workers’ salaries threatened by computer failure – The Royal Gazette

Created: May 06, 2022 07:51

Government employees who are paid weekly may not receive their salaries tomorrow due to a computer problem.

Computer systems in several departments – including payroll – were down for most of the day.

Tonight, a government spokeswoman said: ‘As a result, wages and salaries for officers paid on a weekly basis will not be available in accounts on Friday morning.

“Every effort is being made to complete payroll processing as quickly as possible. The government apologizes for any inconvenience caused and will keep the public informed as services are restored.

The government initially claimed that the “significant technical difficulties” only affected its email network.

In tonight’s update, the spokesperson said: The Government of Bermuda has advised tonight that it continues to experience computer system and server outages.

“As technicians work to restore services, unfortunately, several departments are affected.”

The spokeswoman added that the processing of travel authorization forms had not been affected.

However, The Royal Gazette received a report that the airport had been affected by technical problems.

One traveler said: “It wasn’t just about emails. All systems were down when I arrived at the airport this morning and they were handing out old paper arrival slips that had to be processed manually.

The government did not respond to inquiries about the impact of the issue by press time.

Martin E. Berry