Hc relieves Hry personnel selection committee following series of legal disputes | Chandigarh News

Chandigarh: Questioning the functioning of Haryana Personnel Selection Commission (HSSC), the High Court of Punjab and Haryana observed that given the flurry of litigation that job applicants are forced to undergo, “it seems like the time has come when they will soon have to form an association of CSSS victims.”
The court’s remarks came in connection with the recent cancellation of the merit list of 2020 HC clerks. The HC found that the “recklessness and flippant approach” taken by the commission is written broadly according to the current illustrative case, apart from numerous other cases pending before this court, alleging all sorts of other violations even in the revised selection / result.
“We wonder what their final fate would be. Many of them must have made some irreversible decisions in their lives viz. take out loans for a house, a car or whatever, and/or get married, and/or become parents in the meantime, thinking that since they now have a secure government job, they might lead a stable life… in In this sense, their whole family will also suffer a shock, a thunderclap, due to the loss of their job after two years. Knowing that this court had specifically ordered the commission to follow the principle of natural justice, in the event that adverse orders are made in accordance with the revised result. One of the safeguards considered was that a candidate proposed to be expelled should have a fair chance to defend his selection and/or any misrepresentation, if alleged on his part, and therefore a justification in the notice. had to be issued to him,” observed HC.

Martin E. Berry