Mohammed Zubair calls ‘Trishul Deeksha’ ceremony a ‘weapons training camp’

AltNews co-founder Mohammed Zubair joined Islamists in fearmongering when on May 15, 2022, he called Bajrang Dal’s Trishul Deeksha ceremony a “weapons training camp” in his tweet. Mohammed Zubair didn’t stop his fearmongering by only posting his tweets, but he went on to retweet Islamists like Irena Akbar who called the Trishul Deeksha ceremony a terrorist training camp.

Mohammed Zubair created an air of fear by calling regular Bajrang Dal exercise a “weapons training camp”. Posting images of youths dressed in saffron robes with small trishuls in their hands, Zubair tweeted that “there was a week-long weapons training camp at Sai Shankar Educational Institute in Ponnampet, Kodagu District , Karnataka”. He added that the event was organized by Bajrang Dal, where “weapons” were distributed to several Bajrang Dal Karyakartas.

Screenshot of Zubair’s tweet
Screenshot of Zubair’s tweet

However, so-called “fact checker” Md Zubair is actually spreading fake news by claiming that Trishul is a weapon because it is actually a divine symbol for Hindus. It is one of the main symbols of Hinduism, commonly found in most Hindu temples, especially temples dedicated to Shiva and Shakti. Just as kirpans worn by Sikhs are not considered weapons, just as swords and other items used by Muslims during Muharram are not considered illegal weapons, similarly trishuls are not weapons, they are Hindu religious symbols. By calling the Trishul a weapon, the Islamist Zubaid displayed his deep hatred of Hinduism.

As religious symbols, Hindus regularly wear Trishul during religious rituals, and Trishul Deeksha is a regular feature at Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal. Members of the organization are worshipers of Lord Hanuman and Shakti. It is therefore part of their activities to obtain a “Trishul Deeksha”, where they carry miniature Trishuls in their hands.

Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal have held such events regularly even in the past. The covid-19 pandemic has interrupted this annual activity in many places for the past two years. Recently, such an activity was organized in Karnataka where members received the Trishul Deeksha. Mohammed Zubair referred to the same as a weapons training camp and peddled his usual Islamist Hinduphobic fear campaign agenda.

Allegations that Trishul Deeksha’s programs are meant to distribute weapons have also emerged earlier, and Hindu organizations have denied this and clarified the event. The Hindu leaders explained that it was only a symbolic program of distribution of “trishul”. At such an event on the occasion of Ayudha Pooja last year, VHP Zone Secretary Sharan Pumpwell said, “Many people opposed the Trishul Deekshe program that we are running. We did not distribute bombs or grenades. We organized Trishul Deekshe since we are ‘Shakti’ worshippers. We organized this program during Ayudha Pooja to inspire confidence in workers and for the protection of religion. It is not against anyone and is not intended to harm people. Every year we organize this program, but due to Covid-19 the event has not taken place for the past two years.

The VHP leader had also clarified that the Trihusls distributed are not weapons as they have no sharp edges and therefore cannot be used to harm anyone. “We distributed steel trishul and it has no sharp edges to hurt anyone,” he said.

Mohammed Zubair also tweeted two photos comparing the activities of young people from two different backgrounds. In a photo, he highlighted minister’s son Rajeev Chandrashekhar during his convocation program, implying that a minister’s son is in college. He compared this photo with that of the Trishul Deeksha program attended by young Hindus. In the caption, he wrote, “Their kids…Your kids…” With this tweet, he tried to paint a picture that the sons of leaders get a good education while others are brainwashed into becoming infantry. Mohammed Zubair has comfortably ignored the fact that many BJP leaders have been active members of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad in the past and rose to their highest positions because of their performance.

2018 Trishul Deeksha Program News

Irena Akbar retweeted Mohammed Zubair’s tweet with a caption that read, “No one would call this a ‘terrorist training camp’.” She basically compared the Trishul Deeksha program to some terrorist training camps that many Islamist terrorist organizations usually hold. Irena Akbar is known for her anti-Indian Islamist agenda which she always pours into whatever she writes anywhere. When the novel coronavirus was wreaking havoc in the world at that time, she thanked God for the Covid-19 and claimed that if it weren’t for the novel coronavirus, Indian Muslims would have been in detention camps. The comments come a day after liberals online fervently debated whether to help a ‘Sanghi’ fight Covid-19.

2019 Trishul Deeksha Program News

Irena Akbar had mentioned“If it hadn’t been for Covid, Indian Muslims would have been in detention camps. I am NOT grateful for the virus that killed my aunt, sent my father to intensive care and caused tragedies in the I insist that while the fascists were making their plans, God was making his.

2021 Trishul Deeksha Program News

Mohammed Zubair’s Islamist association with this anti-Hindu peddler of fake news is quite old. Like Mohammed Zubair, Irena Akbar also has her own version of the 2002 Gujarat riots. that she never trusted ‘them’ as Dalits were ‘foot soldiers’ when communal riots broke out in Gujarat after a Muslim mob set fire to a Kar Sevaks train compartment returning from Ayodhya in Godhra.

Martin E. Berry