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Naija Twitter is a particularly engaged part of the rapidly evolving social media network, especially when one of Nigeria’s many famous artists is embroiled in a scandal. The last rumble in the internet jungle is between Tonto Dikeh and Bobrisky, with back and forth trips that get decidedly ugly in record time.

From what we can determine, Dikeh, a popular Nigerian artist, first posted an article that many people in her field as a leading social media figure are all painting a facade, considering that some would have borrowed money to flash. In response, Bobrisky, a popular transgender star, fired back as Dikeh showed money for the camera.

Dikeh then fired back and said she was cleaning Bobrisky’s butt and advised him against anal sex and mentioned that the area would have been dirty after cleaning it for her. Bobrisky’s former personal assistant Oye Kyme jumped into the mix with her own Instagram posts saying Bobrisky had rented money to flash and that she was responsible for putting the beef with Dikeh.

Fans on Twitter have insisted that Dikeh and Bobrisky, also spelled Bob Risky online, built their relationship based on their vibrant images and social media status. And as the online discussion will almost universally show, the pair were definitely close, especially if what Dikeh says about his rear maintenance duties is that specific. It looks like a lot of the heated highlights from the round trips have slowed down a bit, but there are still people coming up with something to say.

We have some of the reactions from Twitter below.

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