NC expresses dismay at scrapping of FAA and JE selection list

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Seeks to rehabilitate evicted Centaur Hotel employees

Srinagar: The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Monday expressed dismay at the scrapping of Financial Account Assistant and JE shortlists, saying the decision was a blow to hundreds of deserving candidates .

In a press statement, the party’s chief spokesman, Tanvir Sadiq, said the government’s decision to remove the shortlist is unfair and should have been taken only after taking into consideration the hard work of those who have qualified for said exams with honesty and dedication.

“While the recruitment agency’s malpractice investigation is a welcome step, the undue victimization of deserving selected candidates is not. Why should deserving candidates pay for the follies of a few mischievous elements? C It is pure injustice with hundreds of aspirants studying day and night and passing the rigorous exams,” he said, adding, “Those who are found guilty should be punished but not at the expense of others. Once the black sheep are spotted, the government should take punitive action against them and continue with the remaining selection process and immediately release the final selection list.

Demanding an immediate reversal of the decision, Tanvir said: “Abolition of the entire selection process will discourage and disappoint the educated youth of J&K. Here, the future of hundreds of candidates is at stake through no fault of their own. We condemn this decision and demand an immediate reversal of the decision. »

Supporting the protesting Centaur Hotel employees, who were recently expelled after the J&K government took over the hotel, Tanvir called on the government to transfer the expelled employees to other departments in the same way as in the case of employees working in the stationery and office supplies department.

“There is no justification for this mother-in-law treatment being inflicted on Centaur employees, who have been working with this Air India subsidiary hotel since 1984 and generating profitable business.”

“This lopsided decision has left hundreds of employees staring in the dark. This measure came as a thunderbolt for the employees who were assured by the government that their interests would be safeguarded following the government’s takeover of the hotel. All of these promises have sadly rung hollow,” he said.

“The decision to expel these employees was carried out in complete disregard of labor laws and disregard of court directives. The Supreme Court, as well as the High Court, ordered that no adverse action be taken against the petitioners. According to the guidelines, they cannot stop employee contributions, but they have stopped everything, no contributions are released in their favour,” he added.

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