New risk of corruption identified in the Hungarian judicial system by Brussels

Brussels has launched an infringement procedure against Hungary after identifying a new risk of corruption in the country’s judicial system.

Move away from European funds?

Hungary is moving further away from EU funds, according to Put the. Infringement proceedings have been opened for non-application of EU anti-fraud rules. At the heart of the long-standing dispute over EU funds is the fact that Hungary is being denied access to these funds because the European Commission says there is a high risk of corruption, which could jeopardize the proper use of EU funds, Népszava reports.

These are communicated to the Hungarian authorities year after year in so-called country-specific recommendations,

but the Hungarian government does not follow up.

Infringement proceedings

Thus, the opinion of the European Commission has not changed, and now it seems that the Hungarian position is deteriorating even more. The Commission has identified another risk in the Hungarian system, which has led to the opening of an infringement procedure. This position has recently come to the fore in discussions on EU recovery funds,

which led the European Commission to refuse to approve 1.5 trillion euros in funds.

Hungary has received a formal notice

According to hvg.huthe Commission has decided to send a letter of formal notice to Hungary for failing to correctly transpose EU rules on combating fraud affecting the EU’s financial interests through criminal law[directive (UE) 2017/1371]. The other three countries that have received such notice are Estonia, Malta and the Netherlands.

The above rules protect the EU budget by aligning definitions, sanctions, jurisdiction rules and limitation periods for fraud and other criminal offenses affecting the financial interests of the EU. Hungary now has two months to respond.

If Brussels’ concerns are not dispelled, the procedure will move on to the next stage.

As we can read in the article of hvg.huin addition to this, four other files have been opened or are in progress.

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Source:, Népszava, Blikk

Martin E. Berry