Ohio’s First FreakNik Has Neighbors in Arms

DANBURY TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WOIO) – The Danbury Township Police Department has received numerous calls about an adults-only party heading to town.

According to a flyer, it’s called Ohio’s First-Ever FreakNik, and it’s set at the Monsoon Lagoon Waterhole off Highway 269.

Neighbors fear the party is spiraling out of control, but according to the water park owner, he’s had plenty of adult-only nights in recent years.

“Same band, same promoter, 6-10 p.m. last year,” Bill said, “And not a single complaint, no one was involved at all, no police, no nothing.”

According to the police chief, the community is worried about what their children might see driving by and worried about people from out of town who plan to come.

So far 200 tickets have been sold, less than half of what the park can hold.

“It’s not pure chaos, it’s the same thing happening every day at Put-N-Bay,” Bill said.

But the complaints keep coming.

19 News found that on Wednesday night there would be a closed-door executive meeting to discuss the party and see if they could legally shut it down. The owner of the water parks told 19 News that everything they do is according to the book and he doesn’t believe they have a case.

“Our establishment, we have 100 days to earn a living, so every day is very important to us,” Bill said.

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Martin E. Berry