Let’s go after. If you broadcast it, they will come. We’re now in the 2020s, which means live broadcasts are all the rage in the gaming and gaming world. Look at what happened to Ninja a few years ago when his stream exploded on Twitch because he was one of the best Fortnite players in the world, but had a fun and exciting stream to follow, which made him a marketing white whale.

PokerStars had shifted much of its marketing focus to the world of streaming. There really is no better way to promote your brand and the Mighty Red Spike than a live preview of your product. It’s even better when someone is entertaining and educational while they win and smash the tables. It’s the best of both worlds … entertainment and gaming … with convergence on Twitch.

PokerStars will bring back the Dare2Stream Contest. They launched one a few years ago to help promote the PokerStars Players Championships (PSPC) in the Bahamas by giving out Platinum Passes. Ghilley and RichyRob were the winners of the first Dare2Stream and they received Platinum Passes. This time around, there’s a lot more at stake. How about a hefty one-year contract to become the new PokerStars Ambassador?

It is an honor and a privilege to be someone who helps promote the Red Spade to players around the world. PokerStars seeks the best of the best in the streaming world. Of course, if you’re an avid streamer, you’ve got a head start, but this contest is open to all streamers. So who’s to say the next big thing isn’t a total noob streamer on Twitch? If you’ve always wanted to give it a go, here’s your motivation with the Dare2Stream contest.

Dare2Stream will run from October 21 to December 12 via Twitch. It’s almost two months of streaming action. PokerStars Ambassadors Mason ‘pyefacepoker’ Pye and Georgina ‘GJReggie’ James will announce the winner on PokerStars’ own Twitch stream.

“Dare2Stream is probably my favorite project I’ve been involved with,” GJReggie told the PokerStars blog. “I literally wouldn’t be in the position I am in if it hadn’t been for a similar streaming competition, so having the chance to watch the journey of a new generation of streamers is really fun and rewarding. really excited and I can’t wait to see everyone getting involved this year! “

“It’s special because Dare2Stream brings out the best in the Twitch Poker community,” added Pye. “It’s hard to start at the bottom, but it’s the continued encouragement and support from the other participants that makes it such a great experience. “

All you need to do is submit an application, join PokerStars Discord, join their Dare2Stream team on Twitch, set up a stream, and stream.

Martin E. Berry