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The Holy Cross Residential Life team hosted an awards ceremony on Wednesday marking the conclusion of the second annual Spirit Week.

Throughout the week, students were able to participate in a variety of activities including baking contests, quizzes and a talent show. Attending the events counted towards accumulating points for their respective dorms. The dorm that accumulated the most points would win the second UniCup Holy Cross Spes.

“Points are basically about fostering the feeling of being on a team together so that you identify more strongly with your dorm room by having an element of competition. Some of the points were based on participation, like wearing your hall t-shirt or showing up to an event, and then some were competitions,” said Julia Wall, Hall Manager at Holy Cross.

To end the week on a high, the residential life team created one last event which took place on Wednesday before the awards ceremony.

Residents of Pulte Hall pose with the Spes UniCup on Wednesday after the dormitory won the second annual Spirit of the Holy Cross Week.

“It’s like capturing the flag, but with a little different style. We’ll take the crests we made for each dormitory and then it’s the opposing team’s responsibility to find the others and capture them,” said hall manager Timothy Cleaver.

After the tournament, the students gathered to celebrate the winning dorm, Pulte Hall Male Dorm. Whether they won or lost or not, many students said they still find it fun to meet new people and form deeper bonds with their friends.

“I really enjoyed having the tournament. It was fun and gave you things to do if you had nothing to do. It connects people with other students they wouldn’t necessarily meet,” said Amanda Muhr, a first-year spiritual leader for North Hall.

Along with giving students the opportunity to take time out of the classroom to have fun, Spirit Week was created to foster a greater sense of community at Holy Cross, Wall said. .

“Now, more and more, I think all students identify with their dorms and feel some sense of belonging to their dorms,” ​​she said. “You’ll hear across the street that Notre Dame students will identify with their dorms and what they do. And, before, I don’t think that happened too much in Sainte-Croix. You wouldn’t want anyone asking you which dorm you were in.

Cleaver said some students attributed the formation of new friendships to the activities they participated in during Spirit Week.

“A great thing that happened last year was after a competition I heard people talking outside the cafeteria saying, ‘Oh yeah, that was great of you. encounter during capture of the flag. I had never met you before, so it was good to see you during this competition”. So there’s an element of that too, just incorporating and increasing the spirit of the Holy Cross and building community,” Cleaver said.

For many students, the biggest takeaway from Spirit Week was cultivating a new sense of connectedness with the people around them, which was especially important for first-year students.

“Spirit Week is about more than just attending events and winning a trophy, it’s about building and strengthening bonds,” said freshman Abbi Gross. “It also involves working together as a community and developing leadership skills.”

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Martin E. Berry