Sunstorm – Brothers In Arms (Album Review)

To AOR’s paradise we’ll ride.

sun storm is a name that has come to embody consistency, which might seem counterintuitive considering that the people composing said melodic metal/rock outfit have been about as fleeting as the colors of a chameleon. Originally a mid-2000s response to the resurgence of interest in AOR in Europe and also a vehicle for the 80s vocal icon and former frontman of such famous acts as Rainbow, Rising force of Yngwie Malmsteen and Dark purple singer Joe Lynn Turner, the band managed to maintain a consistent blend of qualitative and stylistic affinity with the aforementioned bands despite being subject to frequent lineup changes. The exodus of the man who originally stood at the helm after 2018 “The Road to Hell” may have sounded the death knell for an integral part of the Frontier Records family after a brilliant 5 LP run for some, but even with the two-year pandemic putting everything into a vacuum, this modern AOR stalwart refused to die and came back roaring louder than ever with 2021 “Life after death,” with current Rainbow and lords of the dark singer Ronnie Romero standing instead of Turner.

About a year and a half to the day that this quintet and this super-group have given themselves a new lease of life, lightning has indeed struck twice with the arrival of the even more powerful and magical sequel that is “Brothers in arms.” Dealing with another personnel change due to the departure of the virtuoso guitarist and Borders old students Simone Mularoni After a stellar 3-album run, this true comeback children’s institution has found a more than enough replacement in Luca Princiottaarguably best known for his work with Doro Peschalthough it would be remiss not to consider the stellar work he brought to the Iron Maiden the tribute band became a power metal outfit LEDs. Suffice it to say; it brings a solid mix of tasteful flashy tracks and melodic goodness into the equation that ties in perfectly with the sweet flavor of the early 80s Rainbowmid 80s Dark purple and Dio influences that has been the signature sun storm sound since its inception in 2006. In fact, apart from the bass, Ronnie James Dio-like bluster that Romero brings to the table, PrinciottaSix-string work proves to be the most important element at play on these eleven arena-worthy anthems.

Cover of the album “Brothers in arms”

Similar to all previous releases under this band’s belt, “Brothers in arms” is an album that makes no apologies to where it takes its cues from, and delivers all the mid-80s-influenced AOR stuff with that signature, loud, big production quality that Frontier Records is known for its distribution. After a dense and spatial keyboard introduction courtesy of Keyboard Extraordinary Alessandro Del Vecchio which sports a noodle synthesizer track that Jens Johansson could have imagined, the banger of an opening title and title “Brothers in arms” hit the pavement at full speed with a brilliant mixture of tempo Dark purple outward signs and conduct, Stratovarius-like edge, heavily fueled by the power drumming approach of Michele Sanna. It stands as one of the heaviest numbers on a largely mid-paced rock album, and also sees Vecchiois a brilliant mix of Johansson and Jon Lord quite effectively influences trade moves with Princiottaalthough the equally fast and punchy metallic thunder of “Lost in the Shadow of Love” and “No turning back”, or the Dokken-like power and heavy edge closer “Living from fear”.

All that said, true to this band’s pre-existing modus operandi, the lion’s share of the material that completes this LP rests firmly in the medium rhythm and hard rock territory one would expect from an album like “Bent Out of Shape” Where “Perfect strangers.” Much of the downtempo material tends to border on power ballad, with dreamy atmospheric verse segments with a reserved rhythmic groove of “Games We Play” and the equally keyboard-infused and poignant “Taste of Heaven” saving their harsher apex points for the more infectious chorus segments, though these restrained moments also see PrinciottaSolo guitar work at its most expressive. That said, apart from the predominantly acoustic and amorous sound “Back My Dreams”, nothing found here goes so far as overtly sappy, hard-hitting rock anthems like “Hold the Night” and “I will remember” capture this brilliant post-Dio era of Rainbow from 1979 to 1983, where the melodies may have garnered more mainstream attention, but the fire raged regardless, further aided by a heavier guitar onslaught and heightened 2020s production quality.

Although a number of Joe Lynn Turner loyalists can cling to the idea that sun storm ended with his departure, this album tells a very different story, and although none of the original musicians who made up this fold are still in congress and Ronnie RomeroTakes on a very different flavor to the original, those who want a high-quality blend of metallic thunder and AOR melodic sensibilities should get to grips with this 11-part saga right away. They may not be the same band they were before the Covid shutdowns, but one wouldn’t know that if one relied solely on the level of musical quality presented here, and one could even argue that “Brothers in arms” stands a rung above a few pre-2020 albums in the sun storm ladder. It’s a formula that’s been done before, and it will no doubt be done again by this outfit or the many others that pay homage to the great originals, but it’s rare that it’s done so well, let alone many. occasions. therefore by an ever-changing group of musicians for a good part of 20 years.

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Produced by: Frontiers Music SRL
Release date: August 12, 2022
Gender: melodic hard rock

“Brothers in arms” track list:

1. Brothers in arms
2. Games we play
3. I will keep hanging on
4. I will remember
5. No turning back
6. Return My Dreams
7. Taste of Heaven
8. Lost in the Shadow of Love
9. Hold the Night
10. Miracle
11. Live from fear

The musicians:

  • Ronnie Romero / Voice
  • Luca Princiotta / Guitars
  • Alessandro Del Vecchio / Keyboards, backing vocals
  • Nik Mazzuccini / Bass
  • Michele Sanna / Drums



Wasting no time after the success of their 2021 comeback and debut LP without frontman and original icon Joe Lynn Turner, international heavy metal/AOR powerhouse Sunstorm delivers the same winning mix of soaring melodies and lofty anthems. which made it a staple of Frontiers Records of allegiance

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  • Originality

  • Production

Martin E. Berry