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Fans of NBC thriller The Blacklist spotted a glaring factual error in season two, which involved Tom Keen (played Ryan Eggold) long before his heartbreaking death. In the episode that dropped one of the biggest reveal of the season, viewers were instead distracted by the plot hole.

A fan took to and exposed the blatant blunder of the episode titled “The Major”.

In the episode where Tom Keen was in Germany watching a gun sale, the fan spotted the error and wrote: “The allegedly German license plates on the BMW read ‘DD17-36F9’.

“This, however, is not a possible combination in Germany, as there would be no digits in the first half, nor a letter after a number in the second part.

“The exceptions to the first being the cars of the most important officials like that of the Federal President, but even then the latter applies.”

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“In addition, no more than 4 digits can be used, except in police and military vehicles (which also never have a letter after a number and start with ‘Y’ for military or ‘DD-Q’ for police of Dresden).

The viewer added: “‘DD-F1736’ would have been a correct plaque for the city of Dresden, for example.”

It was a mistake big enough to distract the viewer, but only fans familiar with international license plates would notice the mistake.

Tom then appeared in the next scene which made viewers realize that he was the young boy who seized the opportunity and went from a delinquent orphan to a master of manipulation.

Red was well aware of Tom’s abilities, which is why he was responsible for initially hiring Tom to spy on Liz Keen (Megan Boone) long before turning on Red after Berlin offered a higher price.

This revelation came to light during a conversation with the Major, which then sparked a discussion with Dembe Zuma (Hisham Tawfiq).

Dembe encouraged Red to confess everything to Liz, however, he chose not to and claimed he didn’t think he could, which Dembe pointed out was his problem – he shouldn’t be thinking, he should just do it.

While this is a major plot hole, it joins the list of a number of mistakes viewers have spotted throughout the series.

Another error revealed by fans occurred during the first season when Liz was injured during an enemy pursuit in the episode titled “Ivan”.

She was chasing a cyber terrorist when she jumped on a train, resulting in terrible injuries. However, eagle-eyed fans noticed that the injuries disappeared as the episode continued.

As the series spans nine seasons, it is evident that viewers are able to put aside common mistakes and stay hooked on gripping storylines.

Blacklisted Season Nine continues Thursdays on NBC.

Martin E. Berry