The OIAF unveils the official selections for the feature film competition

Ottawa International Animation Festival (OIAF) has announced the selections for this year’s feature film competition. The OIAF takes place September 21-25 in Ottawa.

The selections are:

  • Westchester Barber (Jonni Philips, USA)
  • Dozens of Nords (Koji Yamamura, Japan)
  • Khamsa – The well of oblivion (Vynom Vynom, Algeria)
  • Perlimps (Ale Abreu, Brazil)
  • Silver bird and rainbow fish (Lei Lei, China, United States, Netherlands)
  • The Island (Anca Damian, Romania, France, Belgium)
  • Unicorn Wars (Alberto Váquez, Spain, France)

The selections were chosen from 76 submissions and represent diverse voices in animation.

“This year’s feature film finalists are stylistically, technically, thematically diverse and so timely,” commented OIAF Artistic Director Chris Robinson. “We have a musical film about refugees; a decidedly adult anti-war film featuring teddy bears and unicorns; a touching and comical memoir about a family’s experience living under repressive regimes in China; the utterly hypnotic and mystifying beauty of former OIAF Grand Prix winner Koji Yamamura; a lo-fi indie comedy from cult sensation and OIAF special guest Jonni Philips; and a startling work from Algeria about a boy with amnesia who embarks on a journey to restore his memory.

Dozens of Nordsa story of fragmented memory, won awards from the 25th Japan Media Arts Festival (Excellence Award) and the 13th International Animation Film Festival – Golden Kuker Sofia (Best Animated Feature Award). The Island and Unicorn Wars were rewarded this year at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival. This year also sees independent animator Phillips’ feature debut, Westchester Barber.

Films in the Feature Films category will compete for the Animated Feature Film Grand Prize, which will be decided by the 2022 OIAF Feature Film Jury. This year’s jurists are Pilar Newton-Katz, Marc Bertrand and Hugo Covarrubias .

OIAF 2022 takes place September 21-25 in Ottawa. Additional information is available on the event website.

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Debbie Diamond Sarto is associate editor at Animation World Network.

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