The Yorkshireman’s Arms: A popular Yorkshire pub dating from 1790 to be demolished due to structural issues

Sheffield City Council announced the decision on Wednesday January 5 regarding the former Yorkshireman’s Arms on Burgess Street, near Cambridge Street. The pub, also known as The Yorkshireman, is said to date from around 1790. The area is being redeveloped as part of the Heart of the City plan, which will include a new Radisson Blu hotel and a Gaumont ‘leisure destination’ Building on Barkers Pool, apartments and catering at historic Leah’s Yard on Cambridge Street as a hub for creative business.

A council statement said: “Due to major unforeseeable structural issues, an emergency demolition order has been approved for the unoccupied pub at 31 Burgess Street, known locally as Yorkshireman.

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“Work will begin this week for the demolition, which will take up to three weeks.

Chris and Pat Salisbury from Yorkshireman’s Arms, Sheffield, pictured in 1987 – the Burgess Street pub in Sheffield city center is now subject to an emergency demolition order

“The pub building, which is owned by Sheffield City Council, sits just outside the boundaries of the construction site for the new Radisson Blu hotel, which will be located between Pinstone Street and Burgess Street.

“Prior to the demolition of Barker’s Pool House, which made way for the new hotel, investigative work was carried out on the building.

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“However, the significant structural issues with the neighboring pub were not detected until after the demolition had started. Anything that can be done to secure the pub has been done – with time and capital invested to support the structure. “This temporary solution allowed time to examine the condition of the building in more detail.

A Google Maps image from October 2021, showing construction work in progress around the former Yorkshireman’s Arms pub in Burgess Street in Sheffield city center – the pub is now subject to a demolition order to ’emergency

“Further investigative work is now complete, which unfortunately revealed several other major flaws in the structure – issues that were previously covered and which date back to before Council took possession of the building.

“The Barker’s Pool House office was built near the pub, the building then became dependent on the office building for some level of structural support. The demolition of Barker’s Pool House therefore accelerated the pub’s structural concerns.

“The building is in a very bad and dangerous condition, the repair work required must be extensive and by no means profitable, but more importantly it poses a risk to the health and safety of the public and workers at the site.

“In addition to public safety, the collapse of part of the building could also cause damage to the adjacent listed Sheffield Citadel (Salvation Army Church), which has significant architectural and heritage value.

“Emergency demolition is not a decision the Council takes lightly. The local authority has done everything to try to stabilize the structure and the decision to demolish the building is a last resort.

“The council understands and understands the importance of pubs (occupied or not) to the city of Sheffield and their uniqueness, but the only viable option in this case is demolition.”

The venue, popular with rockers and bikers for many years, recently opened as Yorkshireman Rock Bar. A year ago, management announced a move to the former Mulberry Tavern on Arundel Gate due to disruption due to ongoing construction work.

In 2002, the pub was taken over by Fabrice Limon. He made it into a gastro pub, the Lion’s Lair, for a while.

Martin E. Berry