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The number of available COVID-19 vaccine doses is steadily increasing, but a lack of physical space that meets pharmaceutical manufacturing standards is a major bottleneck for further expansion, drugmakers say, construction experts say. industry and officials involved in the US immunization program. Ciara Lee reports.

The Three Rivers Public Health Department’s COVID-19 community risk dial remained the same this week after several weeks of continued decline.

The risk dial, which is updated every Wednesday to show the risk of COVID-19 in Dodge, Washington and Saunders counties, remained at 2.14 for jurisdiction, according to the Three Rivers Department of Public Health. .

The dial is color coded with green being low, yellow being moderate, orange being high, and red being severe.

The dials are also given a range of numbers, low being less than 0.5, moderate 0.5-2, high 2-3.5, and severe 3.5-4.

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Dodge and Washington counties saw their risk dials stay the same at 2.14 and 2.29, respectively. Saunders County saw a slight increase in its risk dial from 2.14 to 2.29.

The main factors considered in the risk dials include:

  • The increase in the number of COVID-19 cases over the past three weeks.
  • The increase in the percentage of positive COVID-19 tests.
  • The capacity of the district and the local health system, including the number of patients hospitalized with COVID-19, ventilators used, and the percentage of available adult intensive care beds.
  • Presence of community clusters and / or community spread.
  • The availability of 3RPHD to trace all identified contacts of positive cases within 48 hours.

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