UP government minister Rakesh Sachan fled after being found guilty of arms law, claims clarified

Minister Rakesh Sachan’s statement in the Yogi government came amid allegations of leaking from the Kanpur court. He said on Sunday that today you can talk as much as you want, but you will be checking the CCTV footage installed in the courtroom and the premises, right? If I was running, everything would have been recorded, wouldn’t it? Nothing of the kind. Let us tell you that a court in Kanpur on Saturday convicted Uttar Pradesh minister Rakesh Sachan in a three-decade-old arms law case, after which the minister was charged with disappearing from the courtroom without posting bail. However, the minister denied the disappearance claim, saying his case was not listed for final decision.

Prosecutor (PO) Richa Gupta said that when the court asked the defense attorney to argue the size of the sentence, Sachan left the courtroom immediately after his sentencing.

Gupta said Sachan left without bail and an FIR would be filed against him in this regard. Speaking to PTI by phone, Police Commissioner BP Jogdand confirmed that he had received a written complaint against Sachan. However, he did not elaborate on the content of the complaint and said he had not seen it personally.

A senior official said on condition of anonymity that Sachan fled the court sentencing order, which was given to him for his signature.

The official said the decision to register the FIR against the minister was made after a marathon meeting with senior justice officials, conceding leaving it without action could put the president in trouble. Giving background on the case, Gupta said that in 1991, police recovered an illegal firearm from Rakesh Sachan. Sachan had left Congress and joined the BJP earlier this year, just before the assembly elections. He entered politics in the early 90s by joining the Samajwadi party. In 1993 and 2002, he was elected MP from the assembly seat of Ghatampur before winning the parliamentary elections in 2009 from the seat of Fatehpur Lok Sabha.

Martin E. Berry