Wardlow targets MJF and wants to bomb him until ‘arms go numb’

Wardlow and MJF have been among the many highlights of AEW programming lately. And Wardlow has plans for when he finally gets his hands on MJF.

Wardlow has been trying to get his hands on MJF for weeks AEW programming now, and it looks like he knows exactly what he wants to do to his rival once it finally happens. The War Dog has worked for Max since he joined the company in 2019. He has reluctantly done his contractor bidding over the years, working as a bodyguard for him instead of AEW himself in the script.

Then MJF’s dog collar match with CM Punk ended at AEW Revolution. Friedman summoned Wardlow to the squared circle and demanded the Dynamite Diamond Ring – a gimmick MJF used to end more than a good chunk of his matches – but Wardlow had “misplaced” the weapon. This allowed Punk to finish off Freidman and pick up the win, turning Wardlow’s face and setting up a feud with MJF in the process.


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It was all wonderfully executed, cleanly ending one feud while immediately setting up two more. He was aiming Punk for a title match with Adam “Hangman” Page while putting MJF and Wardlow on the path to a fight the fans were crying out for. Wardlow recently spoke to Josh Martinez on the Superstar Crossover podcast and discussed what he plans to do once he’s finally able to step into the ring with MJF. “Man, the thought of powerbombing Max makes me drool, “ Wardlow told Martinez. “I’m obsessed with it. I can’t wait to bomb this kid. I’m gonna bomb him until my arms go numb. (h/t to Fightful for transcription)

AEW Wardlow MJF

This is terrible news for MJF, considering the amount of destruction and mayhem Wardlow has brought with him over the last month or so. He seemingly beat every security guard AEW employed while taking on various opponents chosen by Friedman. For example, Wardlow was assigned to wrestle IMPACT’s W. Morrissey (and officially WWE’s Big Cass) on the May 4 edition of AEW Dynamite. It ended with another victory for The War Dog, leading to the signing of a contract with MJF on the May 11 edition of dynamite.

This represents an explosive confrontation. The two haven’t been close to each other since their fallout at Revolution, and it remains to be seen exactly what sort of stipulations MJF will attempt to inject into their match – potentially at AEW double or nothing May 29 in Las Vegas. There’s a good chance that Friedman will do everything he can to tip the odds in his favor, but with Wardlow so starved for the match, that might not matter much. It’s been another great feud, building Wardlow to a legit superstar level while allowing MJF to continue to show why he’s among the top heels in the business. Powerbombs away.

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Source: Superstar Crossover

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