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Leader of the Unity Workers Union (UWU), Caswell Franklyn. (TO FILE)

Unity Workers Union (UWU) leader Caswell Franklyn warns the government that every day it fails to deal with the ongoing nurses’ strike increases the risk of losing a significant chunk of resources human resources in the health sector of Barbados for the benefit of foreign recruiters. .

Franklyn, who led a more than two-month strike by nearly 200 nurses, said US recruiters asked her to be the point person for hiring 600 nurses from Barbados to work in that jurisdiction.

“There is an agency outside of Barbados that contacted me to help them recruit nurses. I don’t understand why they chose to call me, but they did. So, although we don’t ‘t use our nurses and treat them with so little respect, international agencies want them because they know Barbadian nurses have a reputation for hard work.

“This agency told me they wanted 600 nurses. The reality is that we don’t have 600 nurses to spare. In fact, we don’t have any in reserve, but we run the risk of losing them to institutions abroad. This is a reputable agency, which has recruited nurses here before,” Franklyn said. (MLC)

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Martin E. Berry