We want you! Hospital issues call to arms

SUNRAYSIA has never needed its health workers more than right now, but this is also when they need you the most.

Not only are staff at Mildura Base Public Hospital working hard to handle the worst wave of infection in the COVID pandemic, they are doing so after two long years of battling the virus while continuing to meet all other health care in the district. Needs.

They did so with remarkable success, but not without cost. They are tired and need reinforcement.

The hospital is calling on people to sign up for paid jobs that will relieve permanent staff. Although he particularly needs people with experience in the health sector, such as former or retired nurses and doctors, he is also keen to hear from kitchen staff, housekeepers, students looking for work experience and anyone who can help relieve some of the pressure that the 1,100 hospital workers endure.

Janet Hicks, head of nursing and midwifery at Mildura Base Public Hospital, said Sunraysia Daily that even though it was now a Code Brown emergency, which allows staff leave to be canceled to meet clinical needs, management was trying to avoid applying this measure to an already overstretched and tired team.

“We are doing everything we can to preserve our staff’s leave because we understand that they need that break and rest,” she said.

“We have now been two years into this pandemic and it is well documented that health service personnel are exhausted. It has been two long years, we have faced a multitude of changes and these changes continue to occur.

“If you’re sick you can’t come to work (in the hospital), and that’s a rule we have to follow now. It’s an important rule to keep us all safe, but it has an impact on our ability to deliver (Our Services.”

Ms Hicks said the hospital had already been successful in recruiting university students to fill support positions which, in many cases, would also provide them with training for medical careers. But all areas of the hospital were understaffed due to furlough and isolation of close contacts and work opportunities were not limited to clinical roles.

“We have a multitude of roles available, from answering the phone, to supporting our administrative staff, to clinical work. There is a lot of background work required, in the kitchen, in the cleaning areas,” she said. noted.

“We have even more opportunities for students. There are great learning opportunities to be had. People who want to work in healthcare in the future have the opportunity to move into entry level.”

Ms Hicks described hospital morale as ‘incredible’ in the circumstances and it was ‘an absolute testament to the staff we have’.

“Yesterday we declared a Code Brown emergency and moved into this emergency calmly, with everyone following their policies, processes and roles very well, and smiling and supporting each other,” she said.

“This call to arms is really about making sure that we can support these personnel…because things will continue to change, particularly over the next few weeks as Omicron peaks locally and across the country, and all of our support services. health are under a great deal of pressure.”

To answer the call, send an e-mail [email protected] with a CV or an expression of interest, identifying the type of position that would interest you.

Martin E. Berry