West Nile virus risk

Hastings County is supporting efforts to reduce the risk of West Nile virus disease in this area.
Hastings Prince Edward Public Health will apply to the Ontario Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks for pesticide permits in the event that mosquito larviciding activities are required in municipalities under its jurisdiction in matter of public health.

Director of Healthy Environments Andrew Landy wrote to the county saying the health unit needs a letter of support from municipalities.

Public Health wants these letters of support as soon as possible in order to be able to apply for pesticide permits and carry out control measures if necessary.

The application states that county approval is a precautionary measure, as the use of a biological larvicide will only be considered when there is clear evidence of West Nile activity in the community and there is a high risk of human exposure.

In his letter, Landy says Public Health will notify the municipality in advance of any larvicide use and will also publish a public notice in a local newspaper notifying residents of the work.

County Chief Executive Jim Pine said the county supports the plan.

Martin E. Berry