‘You just want to put your arms around them’: Hoosiers help Kentucky tornado victims – WISH-TV | Indianapolis News | Indiana weather

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – The Indiana Red Cross and Indiana Task Force 1 are doing all they can to help Kentucky families recover from devastating storms.

Red Cross volunteer Christy Wareham says people need to readjust to a world that seems more dangerous than it ever was.

Wareham is an Indianapolis Red Cross volunteer. He is stationed at a school in Bowling Green, Ky., Where those affected by tornadoes can find help.

“You just want to put your arms around them and of course you have to take care of a lot of other people so you can’t do everything but you try to be reassuring with them,” Wareham said.

Wareham is one of 14 Red Cross volunteers deployed from Indiana. He says people can get medical services, food, advice and more at school. It also allows victims to stay overnight.

“You immediately see the distress on the faces,” Wareham said. “People are all different. Some people come in and somehow know that I will get this help right away, but I know I can’t get help right away all the time.

Indiana Task Force 1 chief Tom Neal says Christmas music can be heard at restaurants in the city of Dawson Springs. Neal says he and his team of over 40 are thinking of their family.

“We’re doing search and rescue and we’re so close to the holidays,” Neal said.

After spending several days assisting with search and rescue efforts in Mayfield, the group is now in Dawson Springs, where nearly 75% of the homes have been destroyed.

“The most important aspect of our mission is to help unify the missing (…) with their families and loved ones,” said Neal.

Neal says Indiana Task Force 1 is in a good mood and asks everyone to keep these communities in their prayers.

Martin E. Berry